Sustainable consumption and production patterns

The pursuit of sustainable consumption and production patterns is comprehensive. The Institute’s research is aimed at evaluating processes and products within the context of sustainable development. Besides evaluations, consideration is also given to management/administration. Compare the various phases of the famous Deming-Wheel.

The research projects are indicated by SCP (= sustainable consumption and production), CSR (= corporate social responsibility) and/or LCSA (= sustainable products).

Corporate social responsibility

Evaluating the processes in an organisation (incl. enterprises) is part of the aim of corporate social responsibility. International guidelines can assist in this:  firm foundations are laid by operating according to ISO 26000 for example, while following the GRI Guidelines ensures a view to and of the world. The Institute has collaborated with various research projects to ease the application of these, and other international guidelines, by governments and the corporate world.

Sustainable products

Frequently, only partial answers are formulated to the question: ‘What is a sustainable product?’ The answers then relate to environmental impact or the contribution to fair trade or regard quality. The analysis of the lifespan of a product (or service), from cradle-to-grave, from the extraction of resources up to the waste stage, are closer to providing a more comprehensive answer regarding the various dimensions of sustainable development . Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment (LCSA) forms the basis to this end.